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Neuroscience 101 for leaders

May 25, 2017By Esther Cameron

Every week a new piece of scientific research is published that reveals yet more insights into what’s going on in our bodies and minds, and how this impacts the way we act. This covers everything from finding out what leads…   Read more

Where are you on the leadership map?

May 24, 2017By Esther Cameron

There are hundreds of different leadership theories, frameworks and tools available today, with still more forms of support being devised and marketed every year. It seems there is no end to our fascination and hunger for this elusive capacity. Whilst…   Read more

Going off the rails

May 3, 2017By Esther Cameron

If you’re serious about being able to make a positive difference as an organisational leader, and you’re keen to take responsibility for your own behaviour, then you need to know what your de-railers are. What’s worrying is that in my…   Read more