Esther Cameron and her writing partner Mike Green ran an evening session for Henley Management School’s Leadership of Change Special Interest Group in March of this year.

They introduced their Five Leadership Qualities framework, explaining how it has evolved over the last 10 years via research, literature study and validation in the field.

They also challenged the group to experiment with getting in touch with their heads, hearts and bellies as they considered their own leadership strengths and growing edges in relation to the framework.

“A very big thank you for facilitating an excellent evening at Henley on Wednesday. You created what felt like a very successful, informative and “fun” evening with full participation and lots of noise (I like that!). Plus of course the choreography to make it memorable.

From involvement during the evening and feedback afterwards, I know that everyone appreciated your new insights into how we each approach leadership of change. The session certainly focused me on my leadership style preferences and ways in which these could be “nudged” a little. I know from network discussions that this is a topic of particular interest…”

Group Chair

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