In 2016 I spent three months interviewing Millennials aged 20-30 from across the UK about their work experiences, leadership potential and support needs. This report summarises my findings, and is a must-read for HR Professionals, Line Leaders and Millennials themselves.

Against a backdrop of rapid change and a significant need for leaders to be adaptable, strategic and innovative, I wanted to find out what Millennials bring in terms of these sought-after capacities, and how this is being welcomed and nurtured. I gathered input during June-August 2016 from participants drawn from a wide range of sectors, and disseminated this report to a wide audience in October 2016.

My passionately held view as a result of this work is that this is the generation that will solve the most intractable and fiendish problems society is facing; the rest of us are not equipped with the right levels of open-mindedness, understanding or hope. We should be doing all we can to help them get on with it, rather than getting in their way!

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