Corporate Work

My organizational change work is focused on supporting communities of leaders to tackle 'live' change challenges together while growing their leadership capacities. This is done via a unique combination of 1:1 Leadership Advice and Coaching, Senior Team Facilitation and Focused Forums/Workshops depending what is required.

I usually begin with a conversation with those responsible for the change outcomes. This could be an individual leader - the CEO or Head of Department, or a small coalition of leaders. In this case we work together to map out a series of overarching phases that describe the work to be done over the following months, and devise a simple, effective way of containing this whole process.

My role tends to then be to partner with this individual or group i) to help build a shared journey plan together with the wider community, and ii) to support the implementation of this plan. This is done in a 'light-touch' yet powerful way, using the elements described below. As the work progresses I select appropriate frameworks and tools to illuminate current challenges and choices, depending on the issues at play.

Recent clients include Shell, Tata Steel, Canaccord Genuity, various Whitehall Departments and Local Authorities, as well as a range of SMEs and Charities.

1:1 Leadership Advice and Coaching

How it works:

Senior leaders in charge of significant change agendas often appreciate having a strategic change partner who can support them over a longer period to design and guide the process of change.

An experienced and creative mentor, I am able to bring fresh insights and useful frameworks while supporting the client to design and 'hold' an overarching change process. This may also mean developing more skillful ways of leading.

Leaders tend to find me a calming presence, an intelligent advisor, a lively interlocutor and able to deliver tough messages in a reasonably kind way!


  • mentoring the COO of a large public sector organization to steer his new senior team through a period of significant cultural change
  • partnering the joint Sales Directors of a newly reorganized sales function as they built their new teams, and aligned these teams to the change journey ahead
  • supporting the newly appointed Production Director of a steel company to address increasing pressures on safety and efficiency
  • partnering the Transformation Director of a financial services company as she established the strategic approach and governance required to steer the work ahead

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Senior Team Facilitation

How it works:

Building and maintaining a joined-up senior leadership team takes discipline and care. External change drivers, competing objectives, deeply held values and pressure for short term outcomes can result in troubling misalignments within the team. Unexplored, this often creates log-jams, frustration and extra work elsewhere in the system.

My approach is to form a coaching relationship with the relevant CEO or Director, meet the team in a series of confidential 1:1s and agree a joint vision and journey plan, usually lasting 6-12 months. This is likely to start with a team event, regular team forums and/or other interventions supported by 1:1 or team coaching.


  • coaching the CEO of an energy company to engage her team in formulating a strategic change agenda, encourage a collaborative approach to leading this and track progress together over a 6-9 month period
  • supporting the Finance Director of a 2000-strong FMCG company to restructure his team, then working alongside the team to build broad engagement in the transformation work ahead
  • enabling the Operations Director of a manufacturing business to build a more aligned, collaborative, and leaderly senior team
  • coaching the CEO and co-facilitating the senior leadership team of a Local Authority department through a major audit, review and re-planning period

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Focused Forums/Workshops

How it works:

When an organization embarks on a change journey, this inevitably brings new challenges. Teams may have to start working together across boundaries; key individuals may need to find ways of putting aside old battles and finding ways of collaborating; problems that have become stuck, or simply accepted as 'the way things are' require fresh solutions. Well designed forums can be good ways of bringing all the right people together to raise awareness of the issue and why it needs to shift, and to land a solution.

Change processes often require new skills and new behaviours, or a refresh of capabilities long-forgotten. Well-timed workshops covering relevant skills can support people to understand why these behaviours and skills are important, and to start to feel more prepared for the challenges they are being asked to deal with.


  • delivering a leadership 'stimulus' on leading through uncertainty as part of the quarterly team meeting
  • facilitating a forum for five Team Leaders from two different Departments, together with the two Department Heads, with the agenda of improving collaboration on a specific deliverable
  • facilitating a two-hour 'time out' discussion following a regular project progress review meeting where project progress seems to have halted
  • designing and running an exercise to explore multiple leadership perspectives as part of an organizational change review.

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