Private Work

I provide regular, confidential, 1:1 coaching sessions for anyone in a leadership position who wants to take some space to reflect, experiment and develop. Clients range from CEOs to Project Managers to Team Leaders to Social Entrepreneurs to Community Leaders.

Many starting points are welcome. You might be at the beginning of a new role or project, looking for help. Or maybe you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by your responsibilities, or frustrated with your team and stakeholders...

Or perhaps you'd simply like to take stock of your career and progress so far.

Whatever the issue, my aim is to support you to become more relaxed and effective in your leadership both at work, and in your wider life.

I bring a mixture of personal development, leadership teachings, and organisational insights depending on your wishes and intentions. This multi-layered approach has the potential to offer significant growth and renewal over time.

Individual sessions are 60-90 minutes and rates vary according to resources. I usually recommend starting with a series of 3 or 6 sessions depending on your context and issues. If interested please get in touch via

A first step is to meet for 30 minutes online (or face to face if you prefer) to find out what's feasible between us. I look forward to meeting you.

What clients say

Here are some brief comments about my work that clients have kindly agreed to share on this website:

"On a personal level I hear your voice at my shoulder when I am dealing with certain situations and there is no doubt that I have changed my style as a result of the work done with you. Your influence guides individuals toward change rather than directs them how to change." Programme Director

"When you work with Esther she brings a quiet presence which helps you to become more aware of your habits and assumptions.  It’s a bit uncomfortable, but worth it." CEO

"Esther has a good understanding and a fast and precise perception of people, situations or events." Entrepreneur

"The specific elements that helped me tremendously were clarifying my new leadership role and establishing relationships with the Senior Leadership Team." HR Director

"The high challenge/high support nature of the coaching ensured I kept on track and using frames and materials has provided good grounding in key concepts." Team Leader

Personal development

Some of our time together will be spent finding out more about your life so far, your personality structure, your gifts and aspirations and any perceived limits. Depending on your wish, this may be a simple bringing together of existing knowledge and insights, or quite a deep, far reaching exploration. I am happy to work with any personality profiling or lifeline work you have already done, or to introduce you to new tools and resources such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator or the Enneagram.


  • Personal profiling: Enneagram, MBTI
  • Lifeline exercise
  • Values/maturity chart

Leadership teachings

We will work together to clarify your current situation/role and challenges, and to uncover your existing skills and capacities. It can also be useful to look at colleague feedback, and information about your performance so far to discern your dominant leadership styles and qualities. This enables us to agree some simple yet powerful learning aims for you. Every time we meet, we will focus on live issues, keeping your learning aims in mind and drawing on leading edge leadership teachings as required.


  • The Five Qualities Leadership Framework, as published in Essential Leadership and set out in this article
  • Head, heart and belly leadership as described here
  • Skills focus:Strategic priorities grid, skill/will matrix, the 'art of action', ABC feedback, five team dysfunctions, positive influencing continuum

Organisational insights

It is usually useful to spend time developing an understanding of the way things work in the organisations you get involved with. We look at the key forces at play, using a few powerful tools. In my experience, leaders who focus on becoming more politically and systemically savvy are likely to have more impact. I will also introduce you to effective ways of framing initiatives or projects such that others are motivated to get involved. In this, I draw on existing maps and approaches.


  • Organisational constellations/system mapping
  • Cultural profiling e.g. Hofstede, Cameron & Quinn
  • Organisational maturity map: Laloux, Spiral Dynamics
  • OD/Change Management principles and processes, drawn from Making Sense of Change Management