Head, heart and belly leadership

May 18, 2017By Esther Cameron

Esther Cameron, co-author of Essential Leadership, talks about how to access the power of your three leadership ‘brains’: head, heart and belly, also known as the body-mind set.

Going off the rails

May 3, 2017By Esther Cameron

If you’re serious about being able to make a positive difference as an organisational leader, and you’re keen to take responsibility for your own behaviour, then you need to know what your de-railers are. What’s worrying is that in my…   Read more

Are we squandering Millennial Leadership?

May 1, 2017By Esther Cameron

In 2016 I spent three months interviewing Millennials aged 20-30 from across the UK about their work experiences, leadership potential and support needs. This report summarises my findings, and is a must-read for HR Professionals, Line Leaders and Millennials themselves….   Read more

Leadership skills for uncertain contexts

April 28, 2017By Esther Cameron

Today’s business climate is characterised by high levels of uncertainty, tough competition, limited resources and considerable pressure to perform. Traditional leadership skills don’t work particularly well in this context, and this means that many leaders are struggling in their efforts…   Read more